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Find your dream product marketing job without the stress.

Transform your job search and secure your dream role with coaching programs designed exclusively for product marketers

Product Marketing Job Search and Interview Coaching

Join 100+ product marketers who have used my exact system to land their dream roles 

Navigating today's competitive job market is tough – particularly in product marketing. If you've faced rejection, endless interviews, or months of fruitless searching, you are not alone.

After successfully landing my product marketing job with no background in the field, I used my exact process and refined it over the years to deliver my bespoke coaching programs to help you land your dream job regardless of your background. 

The good news is that there is a solution designed specifically for you.  

By working with me, you will go:



By working with me, you will go from:

Not landing any interviews

Landing interviews with the right companies with confidence

Keep getting rejected in the final round

Landing offers AND getting the salary and title you deserve

Feeling stuck at your job and not able to get the job you want

Landing roles more aligned with your values, interests, and superpowers

Feeling isolated, stressed, and burned out

Feeling supported, more confident, and at ease.

What my clients say

Sivan Benjamin

Sivan Benjamin

Product Marketing Manager, Samara

Yi Lin's program helped me bounce back after getting laid off while on maternity leave - I went from not hearing back from most recruiters to being in two final rounds within mere weeks!

Harry Dhaliwal

Harry Dhaliwal

Product Marketing Manager

Yi Lin is the best product marketing career coach out there. Her mentorship helped me land TWO job offers, which I'll never forget, and I am thankful for every bit of help I received.

Moyo Ajepe

Moyo Ajepe

Product Marketing Manager, Walmart Connect

Working with Yi Lin has been one of the best career decisions I've ever made. Using her strategies, and a bit of perseverance, I was able to move into a role that aligns with my career goals!

Liza Ansher

Liza Ansher

Product Marketing Manger, Amazon

I'm shouting it from the rooftops – if you're aiming for a thriving PMM career, Yi Lin is your secret sauce! In a few months of working together, I landed an offer and gained core PMM skills, critical thinking abilities, and a community that has set me up for future success.

Sabari Sawant

Sabari Sawant

Product Marketing Manager, AWS

All of the expertise and resources, along with her dedication set her uniquely apart as a coach. After enrolling in Yi Lin's program, I landed a great job in 2 months! If you are looking to land a job faster and make some amazing friends along the way, do not hesitate to enroll in Yi Lin’s programs.

Christine Moore

Christine Moore

Director of Product Marketing, Forj

Yi Lin was a game-changer for me. Not only did she help me land a great role, the connections I made with other product marketing professionals in her community allowed me to build a valuable network that continues to offer support as I prepare to dive into a new role.

Josh Porter

Josh Porter

Director of Product Marketing, Kore AI

I secured a coveted Director role that aligned perfectly with my goals. I express my deepest gratitude to Yi Lin and her community for their unwavering support, invaluable tips, and encouragement throughout this journey. Job searching can be isolating, but with this team, I never felt alone.

Qian Huang Bowler

Qian Huang Bowler

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Yi Lin impressed me not only with her experience and knowledge of the tech industry and product marketing but also with her passion for coaching and empathy for her clients. Thanks to her coaching and support, I landed my dream job in an industry that I’m passionate about!

Mara Taylor

Mara Taylor

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Working with Yi Lin was one of the best investments I made in my career. What makes her such a good career coach is her industry experience combined with how good she is at tailoring her feedback to your specific needs at the moment. She helped me uncover a lot of things about myself. Her time is worth every penny.

Choose Your Program

The Complete Program

Master every step of the job search process in my fully customized, 1-1 coaching program.

The Membership Program

Get essential tools, group coaching, and a supportive community in this budget-friendly option.

The Complete Land Your Dream Job Program

Designed to help you master every step of the job search process in my fully customized, 1-1 coaching program, with an unmatched level of support.

In this program, I will help you: 

  • Find the right roles to apply for

  • Create your personal narrative to help you stand out 

  • Craft a great resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile

  • Land interviews with your target companies

  • Ace behavioral and technical interviews and product marketing assignments

  • Negotiate offers

End-to-end support Guarantee

All 1-1 components of the program are valid for 6 months, with flexible timelines to meet your schedule. All group components and community access are available until you land a job. 

What this program includes: 

  • 6x 60-min 1-1 coaching sessions (incl. mock interviews and assignment reviews)

  • Full resume, cover letter, LinkedIn refresh

  • Unlimited async document reviews between sessions

  • Email/Slack support 

  • Live monthly group coaching calls and workshops (> 4 sessions per month) 

  • Access to my full Job Search Resources Hub with 30+ templates, guides, and all previous workshop recordings

  • Access to a private client community to ask questions, participate in the discussion, connect with others, and access exclusive job opportunities

  • Free access to my Dream Job Blueprint Course ($799 value)

  • Looking to find your next product marketing role more aligned with your ambitions

  • Recently affected by a layoff and want to get back into the job market ASAP

  • Struggling to explain a complex career path or career gaps in interviews

  • In an adjacent field and want to pivot into product marketing

Investment: One-time fee of USD $3,995,  or 3 monthly fees of USD $1,395 per month

(June special offer) One-time fee of USD $3,750,  or 3 monthly fees of USD $1,350 per month

This program is perfect for you if you are...

The Land You Dream Job Membership Program

A more budget-friendly program with all the essential tools, group coaching, and a supportive community to help you succeed and never feel alone.

In this program, you will:

  • Know exactly the right way to job search

  • Gain the skills to create a great resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn

  • Practice interview answers in a supportive environment and get direct feedback

  • Get all your questions answered in real-time 

  • Find accountability buddies who are in your shoes

End-to-end support guarantee

All program components are available to you until you land a job.

What this program includes: 

  • Live monthly group coaching calls and workshops (> 4 sessions per month) 

  • Access to full the Job Search Resources Hub with 30+ templates, guides, and all previous workshop recordings

  • Access to private client community to ask questions, participate in the discussion, connect with others, and access exclusive job opportunities

  • Free access to my Dream Job Blueprint Course ($799 value)

This is perfect if you are...
  • Tired of searching for your next role alone

  • Looking to have more accountability while searching

  • On a budget, and looking to get access to all the best practices while job searching at your own pace

Investment: One-time fee of USD $1,095,  or 3 monthly fees of USD $395 per month

(June special offer) One-time fee of USD $795,  or 3 monthly fees of USD $295 per month

  • My coaching programs are the only ones in the market designed specifically for product marketers by a product marketer. My full program also uniquely combines 1-1, group, and community elements to help you get customized coaching and feel supported throughout the process.

    These are the reasons why clients choose specifically to work with me: 

    • I help them job search like a product marketer by helping them identify their superpowers to create their unique positioning.

    • I am a career pivoter myself, with extensive experience across different types of companies as a product marketing leader and consultant, from early-stage startups to scale-ups and enterprise companies. 

    • I use a unique design-thinking informed coaching approach centered around rapid testing and iterations to allow for flexibility and rapid improvement in results. 

  • There are 4 types of group coaching calls that happen roughly every month: 

    1. Group interview coaching prep sessions, which include job search strategy and live peer interview practice sessions.

    2. Job search AMAs (Ask-Me-Anything) sessions where you can ask me any questions you have live. 

    3. Guest speaker workshops related to interviewing or PMM career development. For instance, previous guests have included the lead PMM from Square, Anthony Pierri from Fletch PMM, and more.

    4. PMMs fundamentals workshops. For instance, I have done workshops on GTM, Research, positioning/messaging, and more. 

    If you miss any sessions, you can watch them on-demand anytime. You can access the ENTIRE vault of all previous recordings and watch at your own pace. Many people have mentioned the live group coaching calls significantly exceeded their expectations and have been instrumental in helping them master the interview process and never feel alone.

  • I also work with adjacent roles like growth marketing, content marketing, and general marketing.

  • Yes, you will work directly with me on every aspect of your job search. There is no outsourcing to other coaches.

  • Once we decide to work together, I will send you the payment link and the contract — when that is all signed and paid, I send over a welcome email with instructions and a Calendly link to book a time with me. Availability is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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Ready to Secure Your Dream Job?

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