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Land your dream product marketing job.

Find the ideal openings, develop killer materials, ace the interview, and nail the assignments… using one complete system.

The PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course

Mockup of PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course Deliverables

Use the system that helped over 100+ experienced PMMs land their dream job at companies like:

Logo: "PMM Dream Job Blueprint" Photo: Yi Lin Pei

Hi, I'm Yi Lin, coach and founder of Courageous Careers.

  • I have helped over 150+ professionals land their dream jobs in product marketing — from APMMs to VPs. 

  • I’m a career pivoter and 3x product marketing leader with over 14 years of experience in product marketing and consulting.

  • I’ve been named PMA’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer and a LinkedIn Top Product Marketing Voice for two consecutive years (2022 and 2023). 

  • I've been featured on numerous podcasts, including The Exit 5 Podcast, The Marchitects Podcast, and The Product Marketing Maestro's Podcast.

  • I hold an M.B.A. from U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and an M.S. in Civil Engineering and City Planning from Georgia Tech. I also graduated summa cum laude in Civil Engineering from the University of Florida.

What people say about me: 
Moyo Ajepe

Moyo Ajepe

Product Marketing Manager, Walmart Connect

Working with Yi Lin has been one of the best career decisions I've ever made. Using her strategies, and a bit of perseverance, I was able to move into a role that aligns with my career goals!

average rating is 5 out of 5
Liza Ansher

Liza Ansher

Product Marketing Manger, Amazon

I'm shouting it from the rooftops – if you're aiming for a thriving PMM career, Yi Lin is your secret sauce! In a few months of working together, I landed an offer and gained core PMM skills, critical thinking abilities, and a community that has set me up for future success.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Sabari Sawant

Sabari Sawant

Product Marketing Manager, AWS

All of the expertise and resources, along with her dedication set her uniquely apart as a coach. After enrolling in Yi Lin's program, I landed a great job in 2 months! If you are looking to land a job faster and make some amazing friends along the way, do not hesitate to enroll in Yi Lin’s programs.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Christine Moore

Christine Moore

Director of Product Marketing, Forj

Yi Lin was a game-changer for me. Not only did she help me land a great role, the connections I made with other product marketing professionals in her community allowed me to build a valuable network that continues to offer support as I prepare to dive into a new role.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Josh Porter

Josh Porter

Director of Product Marketing, Kore AI

I secured a coveted Director role that aligned perfectly with my goals. I express my deepest gratitude to Yi Lin and her community for their unwavering support, invaluable tips, and encouragement throughout this journey. Job searching can be isolating, but with this team, I never felt alone.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Jordan Adler

Jordan Adler

Product Marketing Manager, KickUp

I started working with Yi Lin after a layoff— she provided me with instant relief from our very first call. I credit the ease with which I was able to land a new role that I love— within the time frame I set out for myself— to her coaching.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Kelsey Kamp

Kelsey Kamp

Director of Product Marketing, Marin Software

I'm a very seasoned PMM leader, but Yi Lin is a framework master and was instrumental in taking my work from good to great. I would recommend her program to anyone who'd like an expert to help give them a leg up on the competition.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Neal Patel

Neal Patel

Product Marketing Manager

Yi Lin provided me with incredible product marketing advice. She simplifies complex PMM concepts such as GTM product launches to create a scenario where all stakeholders involved are aligned to hit key milestones. During my time working with her, I had many aha moments, and I'm already seeing results!

average rating is 5 out of 5
Simeon Atkins

Simeon Atkins

Sr Product Marketing Manager, Mention Me

Thanks to working with Yi Lin, I was able to land a Senior PMM position, with a rise in salary, at my first choice opportunity. Without her help, I would have not been able to land such a great role so quickly.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Margaret Chase

Margaret Chase

Product Marketing Associate, RocketMoney

After going through Yi Lin's program, I had multiple offers, a position I never thought I would be in! She has resources for every step of the way, from templates, trackers and guides which really helped me move along even when there are obstacles. I 110% recommend her program.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Peggy Pan

Peggy Pan

Head of Product Marketing

Yi Lin helped me land a role in my dream field (even when the job market was so difficult). After my job search, I decided to continue working with Yi Lin in my new role to help me onboard. Because I value her insights, and also because I truly enjoy this meaningful coaching relationship with Yi Lin.

average rating is 5 out of 5
Maryann Akinboyewa

Maryann Akinboyewa

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Hubspot

Yi Lin is unique in that she broke down exactly what to expect and how to best approach each stage of the interview process. There is no fluff with Yi Lin as she offered practical career advice that can be implemented immediately.

average rating is 5 out of 5

If you don’t have a solid strategy, job searching is frustrating and fruitless.

  • You spend hundreds of hours filling out applications without any responses.

  • Interviews leave you feeling discouraged — you know you didn’t show your true self.

  • You keep losing roles to “someone more experienced” — though you suspect that’s not the real reason.

The PMM Dream Job Blueprint is a comprehensive system that helps you stand out, get ahead, and get hired.

Over 100+ experienced PMMs across all levels have landed jobs in product marketing using this COMPLETE blueprint.

What’s in the Course?

Laptop Mockup featuring PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course slide "Step 3: Create a tiered system"
Section 1: Target the Right Companies

Learn how to position yourself, so you can:


  • Uncover the superpowers that will get you hired

  • Find your competitive advantage

  • See which companies to target

  • Develop your personal messaging house

Laptop Mockup featuring PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course slide: "Why most resumes don't work"
Section 2: Land More Interviews 

Detailed videos and examples teach you to:


  • Write an optimized PMM resume

  • Craft a proven PMM cover letter

  • Overhaul your LinkedIn profile 

  • Learn how to get referrals from anyone using sample outreach messages

  • Learn the three distinct methods of outreach: Cold, warm, and Informational

Laptop Mockup featuring PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course slide: "Three parts of an interview"
Section 3: Ace Interviews 

Banish nerves and stay confident after you: 

  • Get videos + a strategy guide with my unique frameworks and precise answers to the 8 toughest interview questions

  • Watch mock interview recordings (featuring real PMMs) to see how different people respond to 10+ questions

  • Use my interview prep workbook to ensure you’re equipped each time

  • Learn what YOU should ask in an interview, with 50+ categorized questions for recruiters, HMs, CMOs, and more

Laptop Mockup featuring PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course slide: "Keys to success"
Section 4: Nail Assignments

Blow away the competition with:

  • Assignment guide for step-by-step instructions on completion

  • Sample assignment screenshots with video instruction

  • Assignment scoring rubric that illustrates an “ok,” “good,” and “excellent” assignment

Laptop Mockup featuring a screenshot from inside the PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course platform

Learn how to negotiate an offer!

Access to a course community to ensure you stay encouraged and consistent.

Who is this course for?

Not everyone is going to be a fit for this course.

You're a good fit for this course if:

✅ You take action, avoid excuses, and can stay motivated throughout a challenging process.


✅ You’re self-driven, resilient, and have a positive mindset.


✅ You’re willing to trust the ups and downs of the process, take risks, and proactively seek help when needed.


✅ You have experience in product marketing and understand its foundations.

You're not a good fit for this course if:

❌ You think that simply buying the course means you will get a job (i.e. a silver bullet)


❌ You’re not willing to put in the time and effort required to see success. 


❌ You’re looking for someone to give you direction without holding yourself accountable.


❌ You have no background in product marketing (my live coaching programs might be a better fit)

Ready to join the Dream Job Blueprint?

(ends on June 17, 2024 at 9am ET) ​

The PMM Dream Job Blueprint


5 in-depth chapters

30 video content lessons

12 templates and guides

1 Bonus section 

Built-in course community

Lifetime updates

Lifetime access

$399 special offer

Use coupon code HALFOFF at checkout.

Laptop Mockup featuring a PMM Dream Job Blueprint Course slide "The new way to job search"
Overall Job Search Strategy

We start with the foundations for the overall strategy you must use to land a job. This will provide the fastest path to success.


  • This course is designed for any current product marketer fed up with job searching and looking for a proven way to get results. You will learn every step of the job search process to land a job through proven strategy and real examples. 

    This course may not be a great fit if you are trying to pivot into product marketing, which will require additional steps not covered within this course. If you are not sure you are a great fit, please write me a note at with your LinkedIn profile link attached.

  • This course contains a lot of content, with 30 short video chapters alone (each averaging around 5-10 minutes)

    This is not a course where you consume all the content and expect to see results the next day. 


    You have to learn and internalize the principle behind each step to get the best results and then execute it. But if you are willing to execute and put in the work, you will see results fast.

  • I am not offering refunds for this course, and here is why. 


    Knowledge is not refundable. It also doesn’t work unless it’s paired with motivation and persistence. 


    Success comes with an investment of time and money. If you’re committed to the process and want to discover new techniques and tools to further your job search process, you will find that in this course. 


    If you don’t have the time, finances, or trust, don’t buy this course.


    I’ve cultivated an online reputation as a trustworthy source of quality content. My LinkedIn profile contains 60+ reviews from real clients proving it. Feel free to follow along with my free content until you feel you can trust my insights.


    Thank you for your understanding. To read the full terms of use, please click here

  • Of course! You pay for it once and get access for life. 

  • Yes! I will make periodic changes and additions to the course based on feedback. I am committed to continuously improving the course material so you always get the latest insights and tips. 


    You do not need to do anything to receive updates. All changes will also populate the course automatically.

  • Absolutely. I firmly believe that information should be as accessible as possible. Therefore, all the videos in this course feature comprehensive closed captions. I personally edited each caption to ensure their accuracy.

  • Yes! You will get access to a community of people who are all working through the course. You’ll make connections, find practice interview buddies, get encouraged, and get any questions you have about the course answered. 


    The course community does not include my Courageous Careers Coaching clients (which is a separate community). 


    This community is not a place where you can ask me to review your resume, get 1-1 help with your job search, or attend live sessions. For that, please refer to my live coaching programs.

  • This course offers the same frameworks I use in coaching at an affordable price point.  It’s a DIY solution, so you can learn on-demand and at your own pace.


     My 1:1 coaching is designed to serve clients who want a fully customized approach and even more accountability in the job search process.  It’s also designed for clients with more unique situations (e.g. clients struggling to explain a more complex career path or trying to pivot into product marketing). 


    My membership program is a live group coaching program for people who prefer to learn through live instruction and get support from me and their peers. 


    If you feel the 1-1 or membership program may better suit you, please check them out here

  • After your purchase, you will be directly taken into the course. The course is hosted on Teachable:  a secure, easy-to-use learning platform. 


    You will immediately get access to all the course content and can watch and rewatch videos on demand, download/access all the documents, and easily track your progress. 


    You will also get a link to join the course community. Once you join, please read and adhere to the community guidelines and start participating! 

  • Purchasing this course provides you with a single license to use for yourself. You cannot share this outside of your personal use or share your login details with others. In addition, all the information included in this course is copyrighted to Yi Lin Pei Coaching LLC. Reproduction, reshare, or resell of any or all of this course is strictly prohibited. I appreciate your adherence to this.

Stop the dread. Land your dream job now. 

*$599 Early Bird pricing ends on May 24, 2024 at 11:59pm ET. See pricing details here.

Use coupon code EARLYBIRD at checkout.

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