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Why I Decided to Rebrand

Three years ago, a LinkedIn post changed the trajectory of my life. At the height of COVID, I saw many of my friends getting laid off. I shared a post offering to help anyone who needed help landing their next thing, especially if they were transitioning into something new.

My LinkedIn post offering help for product marketing career coaching

I was surprised by the flood of responses I got from it. I worked with over a dozen people from that post - reviewing resumes and helping them with interview prep. Not only did they successfully get jobs, but I also fell in love with the experience. I realized helping people achieve their dreams was my purpose.

Since then, my coaching practice has grown little by little. I started working nights and weekends, then finally took the plunge to full-time last year after I felt it was taking off.

I have helped over 150 clients directly realize their dreams, from breaking into the industry they want, going after their dream roles, gaining the confidence to succeed in a new role, to getting the promotion they deserve.

Helping people achieve their success has been meaningful, and it has also taught me so much in the process.

The most important thing it taught me is that it does not matter what your background is, where you come from, where you went to school, or how much experience you have. As long as you have the courage, grit, and follow-through, anyone can build the career that they want.

It takes an incredible amount of courage to make our way in life.

It takes courage to change careers.

It takes courage to ask for help.

It takes courage to admit a mistake.

It takes courage to speak up.

It takes courage to try something new for the first time.

It takes courage to quit a job.

It takes courage to ask for what you deserve.

It takes courage to move to a new country, continent, or even city.

It takes courage to keep going even when it’s tough.

And it takes courage to admit that where you are is not where you ultimately want to be - that you desire something greater in this life.

I was spending almost all of my time helping courageous people face their fears and push themselves to new heights, and the name and structure of my business didn’t match that. I wanted to make sure that, from the outside, my business appeared as it really is.

So, to better reflect my purpose, I’ve rebranded my business and re-upped my offerings to be centered around courage.

Starting today, my business is no longer “Tech Growth Coach.” Starting today, I show up every morning to build “Courageous Careers.”

While the core of the business is the same, here is how Courageous Careers is different:

  • Instead of only “growth,” Courageous Careers is aimed at helping you build a more courageous and confident career by empowering you to overcome your doubts and challenges.

  • And to grow with courage, you need more than just 1:1 coaching. You also need community and best practices. So Courageous Careers will also offer additional offerings, including a job search membership program (which I have been building for more than a year and is finally available now!), and more in the future.

  • Finally, Courageous Careers will be solely focused on product marketing coaching. Given my passion for the role and its increasing importance, I will dedicate myself fully to helping aspiring and current product marketers.

So, how can Courageous Careers help you:

  • You can work with me on a custom, 1-1 basis, OR

  • You can join my membership program to enjoy group coaching and support in a close-knit community (new offer to join the existing member class!)

If you are looking to onboard a new job with confidence:

  • You can work with me on a 1-1 basis and enjoy group workshops and a supportive community of peers.

If you are looking to thrive in your role (to get unstuck, get a promotion or more):

  • You can also work with me on a 1-1 basis and enjoy group workshops and a supportive community of peers.

To celebrate this rebrand, all the programs are on sale for the months of Feburary. Please check them out and let me know if you have any questions!

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