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The PMM Job Search Success Hub

Every tool you need to land your dream job, fast.


(Save 25% off today)

The all-in-one toolbox to help you ace your product marketing job search and get hired without burnout.

Join 100+ professionals who have landed offers from startups to big tech

Job Searching Doesn’t Have to Suck

Tired of spending hours on dozens of job applications with barely any interviews? LinkedIn Easy Apply not yielding results? Does the thought of writing a cover letter spike your stress levels?


If you feel signs of burnout from your job search, you are not alone.


I designed The PMM Job Search Success Hub as an all-in-one toolbox to help you ace your job search process. 


After coaching over 100+ professionals to land jobs in product marketing, I have used the knowledge to create this COMPLETE system of ready-to-use guides, templates, artifacts, and trackers to help you across every part of your PMM job search journey at a fraction of the cost of my 1-1 coaching programs. 


Craft your personal career story, find your best-fit job opportunities, ace your interviews, and land your dream job with confidence!

Get hired, fast

Use all the resources you need in one place to cut down your time to offer from months to weeks.

Fight burnout

Never start from scratch again and waste efforts on techniques that won’t work.

Stand out

With the time saved, now you can focus on securing the last mile to land the offer you deserve.

Success Stories

See the real results job seekers achieved by following this exact playbook to go from rejected to rejoicing. 

Here is a complete video of how it works:

What's Inside?

Section One:

Target the right companies

  • Simple-to-use Google sheet tracker with 4 individual tabs to help you track opportunities, progress, and assess your fit without hassle.

"Master Job Search Tracker" Spreadsheet
Section Two:

Land more interviews

  • Ready-to-use sample PMM resume. Not your average, generic, ChatGPT generated template. Includes videos to walk you through how to build your perfectly optimized resume.

  • Ready-to-use sample PMM cover letter has been proven to land more interviews without spending more time. Video instruction is provided to walk you through how to create one quickly. 

  • PMM LinkedIn profile refresh guide to walk you through the exact steps you need to update your LinkedIn profile. Includes examples of great profiles.

  • PMM-specific referral guide to walk you through how to get referrals from anyone, including 3 ready-to-use sample outreach messages. 

"PMM profile and success" chart
Section Three:

Transform your interview performance

  • Interview strategy guide with interview frameworks and exact answers for the 10 most common and challenging interview questions, built using my proprietary framework and broken out by each step. Video instruction provided. 

  • Interview prep workbook, with instructions to help you prepare thoroughly before each interview, with fill-in-the-blank templates to save time.

  • Reverse interview questions guide, with over 50+ fully categorized questions you can ask recruiters, HM, CMOs, Product, Sales counterparts.

"Maya G. Angelou" Resume Example
Section Four:

Ace assignments

  • Assignment guide with detailed step-by-step instructions to completing an assignment and sample assignment screenshots that I have never shared anywhere. Video instruction provided 

  • Assignment scoring rubric shows my exact evaluation criteria on what constitutes an OK, good, and excellent job.

Email Example
Yi Lin Pei and her child with an abstract wall in the background
  • I have helped 100 professionals land their dream jobs in product marketing, even without prior experience or network. 


  • I have over 13 years of experience in product marketing and consulting, have been a 3x product marketing leader, and have been a career pivoter. 


  • I have been PMA’s Top 100 Product Marketing Influencer (2023, 2022) and a LinkedIn Top Product Marketing Voice. 


  • I am a frequent guest on podcasts and have been featured in The Exit 5 Podcast, The Marchitects Podcast, and The Product Marketing Life Podcast 


  • I have an M.B.A., from U.C. Berkeley’s Haas School of Business and M.S. in Civil Engineering and City Planning from Georgia Tech

Hi, I'm Yi Lin, coach and founder of Courageous Careers.

  • After your purchase, you will receive a welcome email with a link to the hub’s onboarding page, where you'll find instructions and the actual hub. You will be able to duplicate everything into your own Notion workspace.

  • This Hub is developed from the knowledge I refined helping 100+ people succeed. As a result, when you look at the areas of focus, it's tailored to all the steps you need to do to land interviews with the right companies - which is the number 1 struggle of job seekers. 
    Imagine you have landed a new job 4 weeks faster, and that is paying you 20K or even 40K more than what you make. How much investment would it be worth to you to make that happen?
    That said, If you are unsatisfied with the Hub in any way, please reach out to me. While there is no refund, I will provide you with support to make sure you are getting the value you need.

  • This hub is hosted on Notion and works great with Notion’s free plan, so you do not need to pay for Notion beyond the cost of this hub. All the templates are created using Google Docs or Google Sheets. All videos will directly link to Loom, and you do not need an account for that either.

  • Purchasing this Hub provides you with a single license to use for yourself. You cannot share this template outside your personal use or duplicate it for other external use cases. In addition, all the information included in this hub is copyrighted to Yi Lin Pei Coaching LLC. Reproduction or resell of any or all of this Hub is strictly prohibited.

  • Yes. Each section of the hub has short and action-focused videos to guide you through each step.

  • I will make periodic changes and additions to the hub to add more value. You do not need to do anything to receive updates -as I will email you to notify you. All changes will also populate automatically in the hub.

  • I got your back! If you are interested in 1-1 coaching, group coaching or community support to help take your job search game to the next level, please check out my coaching services page. If you sign up for a coaching program, the fee you paid for this hub will be subtracted from the coaching fee (as the 1-1 coaching program includes this Hub as a bonus).

Stop the dread. Get hired now.

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